Comprehensive customer picture

Full overview = appropriate measures

Secure identification, only one account per customer, and having all of the responsibility tools in the same system allows Norsk Tipping to maintain a comprehensive picture of the customer. This provides a good starting point for taking action where it is needed as part of the responsibility work.

This is one of the many big advantages of the monopoly model that Norway practises in the gaming market. In other markets that employ a licensing model and have multiple actors, each of the actors will only see a small part of the full picture of the player’s total spending on gaming.

Continuous overview – fast response

Norsk Tipping constantly monitors the behaviour of its two million customers. With its insight into how much time and money they are spending, Playscan status, whether customers have taken gaming breaks or excluded themselves from all gaming, and whether they have received proactive calls, the company is sitting on a unique knowledge base that provides a basis for implementing the appropriate responsibility measures.

Continuous insight into the customer base means we can identify situations if things start to develop in the wrong direction. This insight has provided a basis for many of the steps the company has taken, such as the introduction of the global limit in 2016 and the measures introduced in 2019: gaming accounts and eliminating the ability to gamble away large prizes over NOK 20,000.

Important feedback

In addition to the insight we gain from our digital systems, it is important that we listen to the feedback we get from customers via chat, email, and phone calls, as well as the feedback we get from regular meetings with professionals and people who treat gambling addiction.

Overall, this gives us the best imaginable starting point for giving players the tools they need to maintain control and an overview of their gaming activity.