Player determined breaks

For some players, being able to take a break or lock themselves out from playing for a while is an important tool for maintaining control of their gaming.

We give players the opportunity to do this on many levels. Everything from being able to take a break or exclude themselves from individual games to entire categories of games or all games. These alternatives are designed to ensure that there are low threshold options for those who want a break. This makes it possible, for example, to take a break/exclude yourself from KongKasino, but still allow yourself to deliver a lottery play slip.

Break from what you want

Being able to take a break from individual games or categories is an advantage that corresponding solutions in Sweden (Spelpaus) and Denmark (Rofus) do not have.

The breaks players can choose between vary in length from one day to one week, 30 days or 180 days. Players can also lock themselves out completely.

Break or exclusion

An exclusion is permanent, while a break is automatically cancelled when the period selected ends.

The table below shows how many new breaks or exclusions were selected by players in 2019. The breaks and exclusions cover everything from one game to all games.

Table 1. No. of breaks and exclusions in 2019

Type of breakNo. of breaks and exclusionsNo. of unique players
Rounded to the nearest 1,000
Exclusions 8 0005 000
180-day break 36 00011 000
30-day break 25 0008 000
7-day break 21 0005 000
1-day break 72 00029 000

The above table shows that 44,000 exclusions and long breaks of 180 days were implemented in 2019. In other words, it shows that the company’s break feature was actively used by many players and helps them to maintain control over their gaming.