Secure ID provides security for everyone

The fact that all Norsk Tipping games require secure identification is crucial when it comes to taking the appropriate action in relation to a specific player.

For the responsibility work to be successful, it is important that Norsk Tipping knows how much each customer is spending on gaming. This strong link between player and spending on gaming allows for actions that have a direct effect on gaming behaviour. Norsk Tipping players therefore have to identify themselves via electronic ID when they want to play (applies to all games except for physical Flax scratch cards).

100 per cent registered

Player cards were launched in early 1992 and by the time player registration was made compulsory in 2009, around 90 per cent of players were already registered. In other words, everything was already in place to achieve a 100 per cent registered customer base upon the introduction of compulsory registered gaming.

Today, a new Norsk Tipping player can easily register at a sales agent, online or via their mobile phone.

Player security

The security level for logging in to Norsk Tipping can be compared with, for example, BankID. As well as being crucial to the success of the responsibility work, a high level of security also represents a guarantee for players in the form of them having a full overview of their transactions and any winnings, and being able to trust that they will be paid their money. They can also be confident that no unauthorised person can access or use their account.