Safe limits for all players

With its system of a global limit combined with limits based on the inherent risk associated with individual games, Norsk Tipping has developed a system that helps many people maintain control of their gaming activity.

Loss limits are the most important and effective means that can be used to prevent gambling addiction. This is both clear from Norsk Tipping’s figures and backed up by independent research. Players must decide how much they can lose before they are allowed to play the high-risk games. This raises awareness and is preventive. The maximum amount also provides some protection against anyone losing large amounts in a very short space of time.

Preventive effect

The global limit was introduced in 2016 and applies to all Norsk Tipping players. This is a loss limit that prevents gambling problems by making everyone who wants to play games with a high risk of causing addiction must first set a personal loss limit before they are allowed to play. The personal limit can be set to a maximum of NOK 20,000 per month. This is still a high amount, but the maximum amount is designed to prevent anyone losing a very large amount in a short space of time.

The most important preventive effect lies in players having to set a personal loss limit and on average players set a loss limit of around NOK 4,500 per month in Norsk Tipping. Almost 900,000 players have now set a personal loss limit in Norsk Tipping. The maximum amount also protects those players who do not play the high-risk games.

Personal sub-limits

In addition to the global limit that applies to all gaming (except for physical scratch cards/Flax), Norsk Tipping uses lower sub-limits for the games associated with the highest risk of causing gambling problems. According to the Helpline, online casinos currently produce by far the largest number of gambling addicts. Norsk Tipping has special sub-limits for this category (instant games) that are significantly lower than the global limit in order to provide extra protection for players.

The maximum sub-limits for online casino games in Norsk Tipping are NOK 4,000 per day and NOK 10,000 per month. Players also have to set personal limits for these before they can play, and on average these are set at around NOK 830 per day and NOK 2,150 per month.

The sub-limits for the gaming terminals are even lower. The maximum amounts for Multix are NOK 650 per day and NOK 2,700 per month. The maximum amounts for Belago terminals, which are located inside bingo halls, are NOK 900 per day and NOK 4,400 per month.