Note 6 – Investments in subsidiaries and associated companies

Amounts in NOK millionsYear acquiredYear acquiredOwnership interestVoting rightsCost price of shareholdingBook value
Norske Spill AS2009Hamar100 %100 %11
Total subsidiaries11
Associated companies
Buypass AS2006/2009/2011Oslo50 %50 %3232
Lotteries Entertainment Innovation Alliance AS 2018Hamar25 %25 %11
Total associated companies3434

Pursuant to section 3-8, paragraph two, of the Accounting Act, these companies have not been consolidated into Norsk Tipping AS’s accounts. The reason for excluding the companies from consolidation is that they are of no relevance when assessing the Group’s financial position or performance.

The annual accounts for Norske Spill AS have not been reported.

The annual accounts for Buypass have not been reported, but provisional accounts for Buypass AS show a profit of NOK 24 million and equity of NOK 219 million. A dividend of NOK 10.55 million was recognised as income in 2019.

The company Lotteries Entertainment Innovation Alliance AS was founded on 1 October 2018. The company was established as a joint venture in cooperation with three other publicly owned gaming companies. In 2018, the company reported a profit of NOK 1.3 million and equity of NOK 6.1 million.